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Land Rover Free 3D Model (Blender, FBX and OBJ)

This Land Rover Free 3D Model is actually a Range Rover Sport 2016. Very nice truck to drive and to put it in an architectural work like a perspective. Enjoy the gift.

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The truck is made in the famous Blender 3D program using the Eevee renderer, but it was also exported in FBX and OBJ formats for a better handling in other software.

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In its original model in Blender the headlights of the truck shine by themselves, in such a way that they will be very attractive in the dark (if you already make nightly perspectives). Really nice wheels too, I like them.

Land Rover Free 3D Model - Land Rover Modelo 3D Gratis

Formats: Blender, OBj and FBX. Textures: No, only the car paint.

Download the Land Rover

I really like this Land Rover Free 3D Model for my next Architectural project in my home in Monterrey, Mexico.

3D Models for Architecture

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