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Aircraft PNG Image Cutout (including Opacity Maps)

This is an Aircraft PNG Image Cutout in high resolution, which includes its own opacity maps for an easy insertion into design programs.

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The plane has barely taken off from the airport floor. The landing gear is no longer visible but its gates are barely seen closing. The plane is white and appears to be a jumbo jet due to its large size. The tail is blue and has 4 large engines in the wings. Very nice vehicle to travel the World, isn’t it?

Aircraft PNG Image Cutout - Imagen PNG de Avión

The package includes 3 images of 2585 x 980 pixels, 72 dpi. In PNG and JPG formats. It contains the transparent image and opacity maps.

License: You can use all the images in this package in a commercial or personal way in any project. No attribution necessary, although welcome.

I hope this aircraft png image cutout will help a lot in your work. Keep browsing my blog so you can find more interesting things like this, but don’t forget to subscribe and share this page with your friends. See you guys later.

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