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Circus Arena Free HDRI (with Artificial Lights)

I never imagined that a Circus Arena Free HDRI like this one, illuminated with artificial lights, could show up on x3dRoad, but here it is, enjoy the gift and make the most of it in your architectural renders.

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The red color of the large carpet and the brown color of the wood in the seat platforms are clearly the dominant colors in this hdri environment.

The arena, just at the center of the track, is beautifully illuminated by artificial lights that seem to come magically out of the circus ceiling, which by the way is awesome and excellently designed. The circus control center is located directly in front of the photo, at the bottom.


Free to use commercially. Attribution is appreciated but not required.

Circus Arena Free HDRI - HDRI Gratis de Arena de Circo

If you click on the photo above (in 4K) you will see more details of the file you are about to download for free, in resolutions from 1K to 16K.

Download the Package (125 MB – 1K to 8K)

This HDRI can also be downloaded in 16K (361 MB) from the source website.


Personally, I adore this Circus Arena Free HDRI, because it produces really good reflections in my architectural renders, and I hope that it will for you as well. Take care and happy render mate.

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