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PNG Girl in Bikini at the Beach (with Opacity Map)

This PNG Girl in Bikini at the Beach includes her own opacity map and transparent image ready to use in any AutoCAD or 3ds Max project. Enjoy.

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Click on each photo to get the largest version. The quality and resolution is good and you can use them wherever you want.

Free to use commercially. Attribution is appreciated but not required.

PNG Girl in Bikini - Mujer en Bikini en PNG

1. This is the transparent image in PNG. The girl is wearing a pink bikini and a hat in the same color, but in a lighter shade.

She has open arms and is supposed to be on a sandy beach, although the sand is not visible. Dimensions: 2019 x 2139 pixels, 72 dpi.

PNG Girl in Bikini - Mujer en Bikini en PNG

2. This black and white image is the Opacity Map. It’s for use in AutoCAD or any other program that requires it. Same dimensions.

PNG Girl in Bikini - Mujer en Bikini en PNG

3. This is the image in white background, it’s required by the opacity map most of the time. Same dimensions.

Take advantage of this PNG Girl in Bikini because you can use it in all your Architecture works, I mean, only those about beaches and hotels (but you’re free to use it in any project).

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