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15 PNG Potted Plants for ArchViz (Free and Beautiful)

Enjoy 15 PNG Potted Plants for Architecture this time. All the plants are beautiful and, of course, free. The resolution is good and with nice quality.

Tree Cutouts and Skies for Renders

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There’s nothing more beautiful in Architecture than decorating the entrance of the house with some of these plants. They will give a lot of life to your work.

PNG Potted Plants - Plantas en Maceta en PNG

The plants can be used in all software, especially in 3ds Max and AutoCAD, and also in Blender 3D and other engines such as Maya, Houdini and Cinema 4D.

Tree Cutouts and PNG People

They are 15 specimens of different species in a single package. The download site may require to register, but don’t worry, registration is free.

Download the Pack

If you are going to use them in AutoCAD, you will require the opacity maps of the images, so I recommend that you see this good tutorial:

How to create the opacity map of an image

More PNG Potted Plants will appear here soon in x3dRoad, so I recommend that you subscribe to mi blog, it’s free and always will be. Take care.

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