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Cut Out Old Man Picture (with Opacity Map)

A good cut out old man picture playing an accordion on the street. Includes the opacity map of the file and other maps.

Tree Cutouts and Skies for Renders

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This is an image that can be used in ArchViz works. The man has a white beard and is wearing a black cap, a blue shirt, amber pants, and blue shoes. The accordion looks a little old and bohemian but I think it’ll be great at playing some kind of polka or something else, right?

Cut Out Old Man - Imagen PNG de Adulto Mayor

The package includes: the image of the man in PNG format, the opacity map and the map in white background, both in JPG format. Dimensions: 1533 x 2823 pixels at 72 dots per inch.

Tree Cutouts and PNG People

Click in the link below to get the pack directly with no intermediaries at all.

This cut out old man picture will adapt fine to your works in both Architecture and Graphic Design, whether you are using Autodesk AutoCAD or Adobe Photoshop or both. And now, subscribe for free to x3dRoad and don’t miss any update.

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