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Cut out People for ArchViz Pack 1 (15 Images Free)

As always, again I bring you many cut out people for ArchViz, 15 free images in excellent quality that you will be proud to include in your work.

Tree Cutouts and Skies for Renders

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This file package in its entirety is courtesy of a serbian architectural visualization studio called Stardust Visual that, by the way, I was visiting their website and their works are impressive. Congratulations and keep out the good work you guys.

Cut out People for ArchViz - Gente en PNG para ArchViz

The images are about city people, city dwellers, with a climate that ranges from mild to light cold, with people on bicycles, walking, going to work, playing guitar, chatting, drinking coffee, with an umbrella in a rainy day and even a seated person being accompanied by a dog.

Tree Cutouts and PNG People

Click in the link below to download (it’s on the Stardust Visual Behance page). Image Formats: PNG Only. Dimensions: Very Varied.

I will keep looking for more cut out people for ArchViz like this, but for now download this package and start working on Autodesk AutoCAD or 3ds Max. See you guys later, keep enjoying the blog and remember to subscribe.

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