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Ford Mustang GT PNG Cutout (with Opacity Maps)

Now it’s the turn for a Ford Mustang GT PNG Cutout to appear here. I don’t know what model the car is but it looks very recent. Opacity maps included, of course.

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I cut this image and their respective maps very carefully in Photoshop, especially for using in AutoCAD. The image is in a very high resolution so I don’t think you have any quality issues.

Ford Mustang GT PNG Cutout - Imagen PNG de Ford Mustang GT

The car is sporty, in bright red, with a beautiful black line in the two chests, as well as other details in the doors, to give a greater impression of being a race car, one of those appearing on the racetracks.

If I ever buy a car it will be one of these for sure, with that motor power that always identifies Ford Mustangs. Please enjoy my work. 24 MB.

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