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Free 3D Trees and Plants (3D Chairs and Utensils too)

This is a Free 3D Trees and Plants Package that also contains other useful items in today’s kitchens and offices. A really good package of 3d objects for Architects and Designers.

Tree Cutouts and Skies for Renders

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As always, the quality of the objects inside the package you are going to download is very good, very very good.

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Free 3D Trees and Plants - Árboles 3D y Plantas Gratis

The package includes 2 leafy trees in spring times, 4 garden plants, 1 beautiful balsa-wood chair and another chair in white plastic and wooden legs, 1 full pizza and 1 piece of pizza on a white plate, 5 glass cups and various cooking utensils.

All these 10 elements come in 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, OBJ and FBX formats, for renderers like V-Ray, Mental-Ray and Scanline. High quality textures of all the elements are included in the package.

The wooden chair has a magnificent and masterful design, I like it to be part of the decoration in my Architecture office here in Monterrey, Nuevo León.

And not to mention the plants in their own pot, they are beautiful, I would put them at the entrance of any project that occurs to me, since they will always give distinction to anything.

3D Models for Architecture

Both luxuriant trees, of course, will look great in any type of building, be it a home, office or commercial premises, you just need to use your imagination to find them the best place in the lot.

Download the Pack (693 MB)

More Free 3D Trees and Plants will be published here in x3dRoad in the coming months, inside some other 3d object package for Architecture and Graphic Design, I will notify you if you subscribe to my blog for free.

See you later folks, keep enjoying my blog x3dRoad and Life.

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