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Free Pack of Cutout Trees for AutoCAD and 3ds Max

This is the first Free Pack of Cutout Trees that I’m willing to give away to all my x3dRoad visitors. All of them include the opacity map and others.

Tree Cutouts and Skies for Renders

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They are six beautiful, lush and colorful trees that don’t need a presentation to look good in any perspective. Of course, the opacity map, the diffuse map and the png are included in the download package, courtesy of x3dRoad.

You can download the trees at the bottom of this page. The images below are only for preview, so you can see what shape each of them has.

Free to use commercially. Attribution is appreciated but not required.

Free Pack of Cutout Trees - Paquete Gratis de Árboles en PNG

The maximum width of the images is 2048 pixels and the maximum height is 2400 pixels, at 300 dpi (in PNG) and 72 dpi (in JPG).

As a matter of fact, I don’t know the name of the species of the trees, but they for sure will look good in your presentations when you need to insert a quick tree in AutoCAD and 3ds Max.

Free Pack of Cutout Trees - Paquete Gratis de Árboles en PNG

Just by seeing the colors of the trees makes me think that they were especially made to decorate houses, and perhaps I’m right, because they are all beautiful.

Download the pack at the button below. Enjoy.

This Free Pack of Cutout Trees took a lot of work to make, so I would like you to share this page with your friends and subscribe to my blog.

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