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Free PNG Christmas Trees (in 3 Different Variations)

Free PNG Christmas Trees in 3 different variations for your AutoCAD or 3ds Max render works, including opacity and diffuse maps of course.

Tree Cutouts and Skies for Renders

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These little greeny trees are so much decorative and look great in front of homes or even inside of them, perhaps next to the fireplace or in the living room. Whatever the place in where you want to put them they will always give a lot of distinction to the building. Enjoy please.

Free to use commercially. No attribution required, but welcome.

PNG Christmas Trees - Árboles de Navidad en PNG

1. The first tree is a nice clean little pine without spheres on its body and with branches in a very striking beautiful green color, it will look fantastic in the foreground of the garden.

PNG Christmas Trees - Árboles de Navidad en PNG

2. In the case of the second tree, it is a little pine with many colored spheres, bows and lots of Christmas decorations, the type of tree that goes to one side of the living or to the hall.

Tree Cutouts and PNG People

All 3 images come with their own opacity and diffuse map, so you won’t have problems inserting them into Autodesk AutoCAD.

PNG Christmas Trees - Árboles de Navidad en PNG

3. The third pine is a snowy one, just a winter tree, resembling that it has just survived a snow storm. It’s a beautiful and striking tree too.

Click on the link below to start downloading. Formats: PNG at 300 dpi and JPG at 72 dpi. Dimensions: 2664 x 3264 px, 3207 x 3914 px and 1800 x 3041 px. 47 MB.

These Free PNG Christmas Trees will give to your renderings a lot of realism, I’m sure. I hope you liked them. Subscribe to the blog and share this page.

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