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Free Striped Chair 3D Model by Nguyen Minh Khoa

The free striped chair 3d model for 3ds Max that you are about to download was made by a great 3D Artist, Nguyen Minh Khoa.

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It’s a single chair made of bamboo and lined with black and white plastic ribbons, although the colors can be easily changed. The design of the chair, in general terms, is really beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

This chair could be in the dining room of some fancy restaurant, but if I had it in my house I would put it in the living room or maybe in the playroom.

Free Striped Chair 3D Model - Modelo 3D Gratis de Silla Artesanal

If I ever get a chair like this in real life, I would put it in the dining room or living room, or even on the patio.

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Download the 3d model in the link below, and please enjoy the gift.

Download the Chair (3.5 MB)
(Note: In the download website, at the bottom, change the language)
Version: 3ds Max 2016
Materials: Yes, V-Ray
Textures: Yes

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