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Download 7 Free HDRI Maps (Exterior, Sky, Forest)

Today’s gift is to download 7 free hdri maps to your computer, so you can use them to light your renders in 3ds Max and V-Ray, or perhaps in Autodesk Maya or Blender Cycles (or Eevee!, the new star renderer inside the great Blender 3D).

Tree Cutouts and Skies for Renders

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Whatever you decide to do with these hdri maps, the truth is that this material is in high quality, in high dynamic range and in pretty good themes and colors.

You will notice an important improvement in your 3D Scenes and animations. So please, enjoy these gifts and take advantage of them.

Free HDRI Maps Entornos Gratis

In the first 3 maps, the sky is the main actor, especially in the second one and the third one, where the clouds look really awesome, and the ground stands out a lot too.

All the images represent exteriors, but in the fourth one you will notice the green and beautiful forest in the background, with all those beautiful trees. Very good shadows, and the sun also looks great.

Free HDRI Maps Entornos Gratis

Most of the maps were taken in Hawaii (oh, my, in that extraordinary island), and northern USA. We don’t know in what city or town.

In the fourth and sixth ones, you can see a lot of winter trees, with snow around. And the fifth one was taken on an unknown park avenue.


All these maps fall in the public domain, and you don’t need to give any attribution in your work. However, remember that any attribution is always welcome. You can use them for personal and commercial projects without restrictions. Please, read the license on the download site anyways (this is important).

I’ll keep posting this kind of good articles about free hdri maps, so please, subscribe to x3dRoad for updates (if you don’t want to miss a thing). See you later my friends. Keep enjoying my blog and share this post with your friends.

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