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3 Free HDRI Maps (Exterior, Daylight, Clear Sky)

Download 3 Free HDRI of the highest quality available these days, in exterior, in daylight, with beautiful and smiling suns in front of the camera, ready to illuminate your design projects.

Tree Cutouts and Skies for Renders

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The resolution of these HDRI’s are ranging from 1K to 16K. You can download each archive depending of your necessities. The links to download all the hdri’s are at the end of this post. Enjoy please.

HDRI # 1. Train rails with rocks, trees and vegetation all around.

Free HDRI Gratis Exterior

With a potent and shiny sun, this hdr is projecting good shadows for geometry (look at the image below). The surrounding trees and plants are teaming up with the sun to create spectacular contrast and the train rails are reflecting something like antiquity. Enjoy it.

Geometric Shapes

HDRI # 2. Morning sun over a beautiful desert.

Free HDRI Gratis Exterior

It’s very impressive to see at that beautiful sky color over there. The morning sun is always good and the one smiling in this image is particularly cute, besides, I always have liked the colors of the desert. Look at the shadows in the image below.

Cone and Spheres

HDRI # 3. Rose stone park with trees and lake.

Free HDRI Gratis Exterior

I don’t know if the buildings in the background are stores or restaurants but they look great, and the tree in the left side has a royal confidence.


Very good hdri and excellent shadows too, one special smile for the little lagoon decorating this town of beautiful country houses.

Torus and Cone

Download the HDRI’s at the links below, in HDRI Haven, with CC0 License.

HDRI # 1 (1K to 16K)

HDRI # 2 (1K to 16K with Backplates)

HDRI # 3 (1K to 16K)

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