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Winter School Free HDRI (Exterior, Snow, Overcast)

I’m fascinated by the colors of this Winter School Free HDRI. Yellow, blue and pink colors contrast perfectly with the snow white color and the cloudy sky gray color.

Tree Cutouts and Skies for Renders

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If your project doesn’t require well defined shadows, I recommend that you download this hdri in the resolution you need. You’ll be impressed by the reflections and the powerful light of the windows.

Winter School Free HDRI - HDRI Gratis en Invierno

Click on the picture above to scan details. Artificial light looks natural and beautiful throughout the image. And what about the Greek columns on the left? They look wonderful with that pink background. A small and luminous city can be seen behind the columns and the darkened trees.

Winter School Free HDRI - HDRI Gratis en Invierno

The image above was illuminated using this hdri. The shadows are barely noticeable and you can clearly see the influence of the hdri’s main colors.


The reflections are perfect. Software used: Blender 3D. Renderer: Cycles.

Download hdri at the link below, in HDRI Haven, with free CC0 License.

Winter Evening HDRI (1K to 16K)

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