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Learn 3ds Max for Architecture (Tutorials and Resources)

Learn 3ds Max for Architecture and Civil Engineering, along with popular renderers like Corona, V-Ray, Mental-Ray and Arnold (if you don’t see your favorite renderer, please, ask for it in comments or inside the Video Blog).

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This page includes tutorials, courses and resources (basic and advanced) to learn Autodesk 3ds Max focused to Architectural Visualization (ArchViz).

Learn 3ds Max for Architecture

I’m from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, a graduated architect, with extensive experience in the render for Architecture, although I also have knowledge in the area of supervision and administration of constructions, both residential and industrial.

Welcome to x3dRoad, I hope you enjoy all the content posted on my blog, it will help you advance in your professional career, I’m sure.


1. V-Ray Tutorials for 3ds Max. From the very basics to the advanced, how to render your images correctly using this famous renderer without getting stuck on the road (or ever worst, frozen!).

2. Photoshop Tutorials for Architecture. Have you ever heard about the post-production section in tutorials and courses? Well that section is always done with Adobe Photoshop, and always is relative to our great profession.

If you want to dominate 3ds Max for Architecture you also need to know everything related to posterior adjustments in the rendered images (this is better known as post-production in Photoshop).


Only high quality ArchViz Resources on this area, and all of them for free to all the visitors and subscribers of my website.

I’m constantly looking for new and useful things for those of us who are dedicated to Architecture and Render. Every worthy thing I find out on any website, you will see it posted here. So please, enjoy the Resources.

1. Free Textures. In HD, 2K, 4K, 8K and even 16K.

See All The Textures

2. Free Tree Cutouts. You’ll find it here with or without opacity maps, in PNG, transparent, ready to be inserted inside Max.

See All The Cutouts

3. Free Skies for Render. Along with backgrounds you can use in your works, in high resolution and widescreen.

See All The Skies

4. Free 3D Models. Download any kind. Constantly updating. Some of them made by me, some of them made by other entities.

See All The 3D Models

5. Free HDRI Maps. There’s nothing better to illuminate 3d models than using a good hdr image. Invaluable resources for the 3D Artist.

See All The HDRI’s

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Use all the tutorials and resources on this page to learn 3ds Max for Architecture, it doesn’t care if you are an Architect or a hobbyist, you will be benefited here anyways. And don’t forget to subscribe if you don’t want to miss updates.

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