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Orange Cobblestone Floor Texture for Architecture

This time you can download a beautiful Orange Cobblestone Floor Texture for Architecture, including all its 3D design maps included.

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Starting with the color of the stones, which is beautiful and magnificent for a cobbled street, and the mortar that binds the rocks adds an extra touch of character and rhythm to the texture. The stones are well aligned and will always add a lot of class to any scene.

Free PBR Textures for Architecture

Free to use commercially. Attribution is appreciated but not required.

Orange Cobblestone Floor Texture - Textura de Piso de Piedra Naranja

I’m really impressed by the level of realism in this texture, and besides, the texture maps inside the package are great too, so I suggest you use them well in your favorite software.

Free PBR Textures for Architecture

Download the texture in the link below, the complete package is free.

Download the Pack (224 MB – 1K to 8K)

If I find another Orange Cobblestone Floor Texture like this one on my trunk, I won’t hesitate to upload it to the blog and share it with my visitors and subscribers. Keep enjoying x3dRoad and don’t forget to subscribe. See you guys later.

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