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Free Trees and Plants Cutouts (Transparent PNG)

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The following list is a collection of websites giving away free trees and plants cutouts, transparent in png format to all 3D Artists and ArchViz Creators who stumble in front of their pages. You can find very good quality here, Hi-Res images in some cases, with or without Opacity Map (also known as Alpha Channel).

1. 20 Tree PNG Images – This page is giving visitors twenty excellent cutouts of trees, palms, shrubs and bushes in high resolution. Very good material here. They also have Plants and Flowers in this page.

2. You can get 40 Trees in PNG Format and High Resolution in this fantastic website. But wait, there’s more for you, they also have a cool Bush, Shrub and Plant Collection. Take a look, this site is very worth your time if you are looking for other type of images for your work.

3. These 37 Tree Cutouts from Free Icons Png are one of the most beautiful and luxuriant trees I’ve ever seen. Very good resolution -sometimes very high resolution in the images- for your projects and presentations. These images are really looking like stock photography. Congratulations for the good quality and keep out the good work you guys.

Looking for something different than trees and plants? -like social media logos and infographics?- this site has plenty of them. Recommended!

I will add more sites to this collection as soon as I discover more pages offering free trees and plants cutouts. Stay tuned to this post because I update this list very frequently.

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