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Rustic Floor Tiles PBR Texture in Hi-Res

The Rustic Floor Tiles PBR Texture in this article is too high in resolution and quality to be free, but it is, believe it and download it.

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This beautiful rustic floor is the type of floors that were used in the old upper class haciendas in Mexico. Its spots, veins and different shades of color make it more desirable and pleasing to the eye. This floor is so rustic that it can even be used as a wall. Enjoy the texture.

Rustic Floor Tiles PBR Texture - Textura PBR de Piso Rústico

The joints of the uneven blocks are made with a special kind of beautiful white mortar or cement that, in addition to being hard and resistant, is also part of the decoration.

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In the link below you can download the texture pack in Texture Haven. Enjoy please.

Download the Pack (1K to 8K – JPG and PNG)

I hadn’t liked any Rustic Floor Tiles PBR Texture as much as this one, very very rustic and old, perfect for any large house. Keep enjoying x3dRoad and don’t forget to subscribe, it’s free and always will be. Good bye folks.

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