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Widescreen Sunset Sky # 2579 (Clouds Only)

This is a beautiful Widescreen Sunset Sky to be used in any Architectural Render. The clouds look a bit spooky because the Sun is at the very top, but they will look nice in your work.

Tree Cutouts and Skies for Renders

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The sun looks right and at the center of the image, which will give you central shadows, although sometimes I think it is too bright.

Free to use commercially. Attribution is appreciated but not required.

Click at the image below to download to your computer right now.

Widescreen Sunset Sky - Cielo al Atardecer

(Dimensions: 5695 x 1974 pixels – 300 dpi – 1 MB)

Tree Cutouts and PNG People

I think I will use this sky as a background for my school project. This piece of heaven will look really great, besides, the colors combine perfectly will the building’s color in my next project.

This is my first Widescreen Sunset Sky in x3dRoad. More things like this will be published soon on this blog. But for now, subscribe to x3dRoad so you don’t miss updates and presents. And don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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