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Cobblestone Textures # 3449 for 3ds Max (8K PBR)

These are the first cobblestone textures I publish in x3dRoad. They are in PBR, from 2K to 8K, in the highest quality possible and with exceptional color. Enjoy.

Tree Cutouts and Skies for Renders

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I don’t need to say, of course, that all the textures come with all the required 3D maps, to say, the normal map, the height map, etc.

Stone Texture - Textura de Piedras

1. Cobblestone Floor # 0400. As its own name says: the stones are beautiful, well aligned and there are a few small green plants among the rocks, to make the texture even more realistic.

Cobblestone Textures - Texturas de Adoquines

2. Pavement Texture # 0100. This is my favorite, not only because of its great grayish color, but because of the beautiful texture of the paving stones and the soft shine that emanates from them.

Cobblestone Textures - Texturas de Adoquines

3. Floor Pattern # 0200. A classic cobblestone texture that is always used in old and classic buildings. Although it wouldn’t look bad in modern constructions.

Now, get the texture packages at the buttons below, in Texture Haven. Quality of the textures is really great for ArchViz works. 1K to 8K.

I hope you liked these cobblestone textures as much as me. Have a nice render and subscribe to the blog if you want to follow us.

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