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Photoshop Seamless Textures 101 (For 3D, Abstract, Circles)

In these free Photoshop Seamless Textures you’re going to find beautiful abstract images like colorful circles, tile mosaic for bathrooms, flower backgrounds for wallpapers and more.

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If you like black and abstract art, you will find something good here. All the textures are fully seamless. You can use them in tile in your favorite 3D Software. Enjoy.

Free to use commercially. Attribution is appreciated but not required.

Photoshop Seamless Textures Colorful Circles

1. Abstract Colorful Circles Texture. 1920 x 1920 px, 96 dpi. Seamless. Dominant colors: yellow, orange, violet, black, red.

Good texture for tiling a wall in 3ds Max or AutoCAD. I like the colors for my room or perhaps my living room, just don’t put it in the kitchen.

Photoshop Seamless Textures Tile Bathroom

2. Colorful Bathroom Tiles Texture. 2000 x 2000 px, 300 dpi. Seamless. Dominant colors: cyan, pink, blue, brown.

Black 70s Negro Illustration

3. 70’s Culture in Black Texture. 1920 x 1920 px, 96 dpi. Seamless. Dominant colors: Black and blue. Violet and yellow. This texture seems to be psychedelic or something but it will look great in any room, just use your imagination.

Photoshop Seamless Textures Cyan Flowers

4. Yellow Flowers under a Cyan Background Texture. 2000 x 2000 px at 300 dpi. Seamless and fully tileable.

Good texture for a lady’s room, or perhaps a baby girl’s room. The flowers are handmade and the colors are shiny.

Amber Flowers Illustration

5. Ambient Flowers under a Brown Background Texture. 1920 x 1920 px, 96 dpi. Fully Seamless.

I hope you liked these Photoshop seamless textures that you can use in any 3D project without restrictions. If you want to follow this blog and don’t want to miss updates just subscribe and keep enjoying the blog. Happy Render.

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