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Old Wood Texture Seamless W1950 (HD, Tile)

You can use this old wood texture either in architectural floors or walls. You can use it even in the roof if your imagination is not limited to traditionality. You can use it in video games too or in any other thing you can think of.

Tree Cutouts and Skies for Renders

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Download texture in HD resolution, from 1K to 8K, including all the necessary maps for 3D Design, like Diffuse, Normal, Bump, Ambient Occlusion, Specular, etc, etc.

Wood Texture - Textura de Madera

This old wood texture is fully seamless, in tile, and without weird things inside.

Free PBR Textures for Architecture

Download the texture at the link below, it’s free in Texture Haven. Read CC0 License over there, and enjoy the gift.

Download the Texture (1K to 8K – JPG and PNG)

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