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Free Skies and HDRIs, Textures and ArchViz Training

Download Free Skies and HDRIs, Cutout Trees and People, PBR Textures, 3D Models for Architecture and a lot of resources more for your career.

Don’t forget to visit the Tutorials Section, at the bottom of this page, if you are interested in getting started in the world of ArchViz (Architectural Visualization).

Before getting into The Groove, I think the first thing you must see is the new content added to the blog, well you can see it down below. Enjoy this colleagues.

New Hdris

I’m sure that, as a good 3D Architect, you know that hdri maps are used to illuminate 3d scenes today, regardless of the program you use most.

What I like most about High Dynamic Range Images (HDRI) is that they can produce pretty good results without requiring a lot of resources from your machine, unless of course you use very high resolution images (such as 8K, 16K or even 20K).

It’s difficult to get well calibrated hdri images with a good dynamic range but, happily, in x3dRoad you will be able to find them in pretty good quality. Just check them all below and enjoy.

New Skies for Render

No Architecture work could shine enough without a good background, or rather, without a good sky. And this is something you should choose seriously.

Here you can find skies and backgrounds for Architecture to your liking. My collection is not yet very large, I would rather say it’s discreet, but in pretty good quality and taste.

The files below are the latest ones added. I will keep adding more files to the collection, but little by little, just be patient and start with these skies.

New Cutouts

Perhaps right now you are wondering what Viz Images are. Images of this type are nothing more than cutouts of trees and people with a transparent background, in PNG, TIFF, TGA or PSD formats.

The most searched format is, of course, the PNG format, although it’s also very popular among architects to look for the Adobe Photoshop PSD format.

I hope that the images below are of great use to you, they are the latest ones added to Bear Cavern. I will continue looking for more material to add to the blog.

New Textures

This section is dedicated to the famous PBR Textures (Physically Based Rendering) that are highly appreciated among Architecture professionals.

As you may have already noticed, not only Free Skies and Hdris are found on this blog. My entire site is full of free resources and tools for Modern Architecture.

I only take care in looking for good textures and resources that are really worthwhile and that are totally free for all the visitors of my blog.

The most recent textures added to the Matrix are the ones you see right below. If you want to see more just go to x3dRoad’s main textures page.

New 3D Models

There is no 3d model on this blog that is not good enough to help you in your professional work, either as a 3D Architect or as a YouTuber.

And believe it or not, many people who have nothing to do with Architecture or YouTube tutorials look for good quality 3d models for their work.

The models you see below are the most recent ones and, of course, my mission is to find out or make good models related to Modern Architecture mainly.

ArchViz Tutorials

If you like Architectural Visualization (ArchViz) using Autodesk AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Blender 3D, V-Ray and Adobe Photoshop, you will want to stay and have a look at the tutorials (excellent tutorials).

If you’re looking for free skies and hdris I’ll give you that. If you’re looking for tutorials I’ll give you that. Remember this is a free ArchViz Blog.

All the articles are designed for complete newbies, beginners and new users to the subject (you can stop the nervousness now my friend, ha, ha, ha).

And if you’re an old rooster, don’t rush, you’ll also find good content for you because the tutorials are varied and easily understandable, and generally everyone learns them well and very quickly.

You can also choose the tutorials according to your preferred program. Use the buttons below to go to the corresponding page of each area.

Our community is large and I really like to write for my blog on a regular basis. All x3dRoad items are fresh, good quality stuff (and always will be, of course).

We are here, producing videos and tutorials about Architecture, live and direct from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, the beautiful Sultana del Norte, for the entire Spanish Speaking Community on Planet Earth.

We also have a good Video Blog on YouTube, take your time to watch the latest videos added to the channel, I think you will like them.

I hope you enjoy these Free Skies and HDRIs and all the resources and information you can find for free on my site.

The x3dRoad’s Mission is provide to the world’s architects, 3d artists and designers with the best tools and tutorials to succeed in our competitive career.

Invite your friends to visit us and encourage them to subscribe to the x3dRoad Club, it’s free and funny. See you later comrades, take care.

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