Free 3D Models for 3ds Max - Modelos 3D Gratis para 3ds Max

Free 3D Models for 3ds Max, Blender and AutoCAD

In this page you can download Free 3D Models for 3ds Max and other software used in Architecture. Sometimes they come in packages and sometimes they come alone, but all of them in excellent quality and royalty free.

I’ll be adding the models step by step in different formats and categories. All the material will be related to our career and profession, of course.

The newest 3d models added to the blog are these. They are distributed in different categories and tags, for a better organization.

3D Models of Furniture

This category is absolutely necessary. I just can’t conceive the design of a good architectural project without the presence of fine and classy furniture.

I have been concerned with finding the best sites where you can download beautiful 3d models of furniture to use at our work, of course.

Enjoy the latest models added to the Bear’s Cavern, the ones below, and don’t forget to render them well in 3ds Max or Blender, so you can show off well.

3D Models of Exterior Architecture

When we talk about Exterior Architecture we are referring to all types of buildings that exist, from little houses to giant skyscrapers in cities.

Don’t forget the possibility of finding good urban development projects in this section, because my job is to find good free material.

I hope the projects you find in this section help you make your own project better, and remember to read the licenses on each download website.

3D Models of Interior Architecture

Interior Architecture models not only refer to interior design but also to all kinds of spaces that are inside the building, such as a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, an interior patio, etc.

And best of all, you will not only find free 3d models for 3ds Max, but also Blender models and sometimes even AutoCAD 3D models.

If you like to make tutorials on YouTube or Vimeo, I think all these models will serve you well to attract subscribers to your channel and your website as well.

3D Models of Cars and Vehicles

Along with the section of trees below, this section is also my favorite, as well-designed cars add a lot of value to the architects’ work, you know.

Regardless of the brand or line of the car you use, you can always impress your client with a good perspective that includes recent and pretty cars.

However, remember that classic cars can also add value to your work if you know how to integrate them into the project, and this is a good challenge that you can take without the fear of making mistakes.

3D Models of Trees and Plants

The trees and plants you’ll find in this section were selected by me for being in excellent quality and for being fully free, of course.

I always use them to add character and beauty to my own projects, although I also use them in the tutorials on my YouTube channel.

The hardest thing to get is lawn models for architecture, especially those with mown grass, but I will continue looking for good material in all tastes.

I always make sure that the content published here is 100% free to all my visitors and subscribers. Sometimes the download sites will ask you to register for free in order to download their material.

If this is the case, if the download site is asking for free register, do it, because it’s always worth it, as all of them are serious websites.

If you are interested in downloading more Free 3D Models for 3ds Max, Blender and AutoCAD, don’t miss x3dRoad updates, and subscribe to the blog for free. See you guys later and remember to be happy (all the time).

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