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Learn AutoCAD for Architecture (Tutorials and Resources)

Yes, you read right, learn AutoCAD for Architecture, Basic and 3D Advanced from scratch. In this page you can find all the Tutorials, Exercises and Resources dedicated to Autodesk AutoCAD, one of the most beautiful software out there for Architecture, Civil Engineering and many other disciplines.

I’m an architect from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, whose biggest passion is Architectural Visualization -better known as ArchViz-, but I also like Graphic Design, Artistic Drawing (digital and hand-made), Heavy Metal, 70’s and 80’s Culture, Iron Maiden and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

I hope you like all the material published on this website. Welcome to my blog and expect good things coming to your door from this moment on.


1. AutoCAD Beginner Tutorials and Exercises. These tutorials and exercises were especially designed for CAD beginners, complete novices who don’t know where to start learning this fantastic software.

2. AutoCAD 3D Modeling Tutorials and Exercises. Learn AutoCAD for Architecture, 3D and ArchViz. For beginners and advanced users.

3. AutoCAD 3D Texturing Tutorials: Always wondering how to texture AutoCAD models correctly? Well this section is dedicated to materials y textures in a 3D Environment.

4. Photoshop Tutorials for Architecture. Whether you are an architect or engineer, an expert or novice, you always need to know some useful tips and tricks in Adobe software, the Photoshop for Architecture. Enjoy.


These resources for ArchViz creators were selected for their quality and originality. I have a better stuff than this on the Subscriber’s Club but you can find good material here anyway. Latest material added:

Some of these archives were made by my own hand, some others were made by other’s hand, but I keep searching, creating and collecting good stuff for my visitors and subscribers.

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