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AutoCAD 3D Modeling Exercise – Kitchen Lumina (Video)

This is the first AutoCAD 3D Modeling Exercise for beginners in the x3dRoad Community. In this tutorial we’re going to create a beautiful kitchen called Kitchen Lumina using mostly the command shortcuts. Forget the Ribbon for now and prepare yourself for speed and efficiency in this tutorial. Are you ready?

What you’re going to learn in this video after all?

1. How to create walls in AutoCAD 3D.

2. How to create kitchen chairs and kitchen tables.

3. How to create kitchen larders. And a lot more.

4. More AutoCAD 3D commands and boolean operations in 35 minutes (essential training for the 3d modeler).

If you want to exercise your AutoCAD 3D muscles, this is the right tutorial to do it. If you are a complete beginner, this is the right tutorial to start with. Don’t worry, it’s a step by step video.

AutoCAD 3D Modeling Exercise - Ejercicio de Modelado 3D en AutoCAD

So that, this is the kitchen blueprint for the exercise. Click on the image above and then save it in your computer.

This is the link for the video tutorial in my YouTube Channel. Enjoy.

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