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AutoCAD 3D Modeling Tutorial – Kitchen Sink (Video)

AutoCAD 3D Modeling Tutorial - Tutorial de Modelado 3D en AutoCAD

In this AutoCAD 3D Modeling Tutorial you will learn how to create a kitchen sink using only command shortcuts (or aliases) for speed and smooth operations. The Ribbon is not necessary in this exercise.

What you’re going to know in this tutorial?

1. How to use 3d boolean operations like subtract and union.

2. How to use the command extrude correctly.

3. How to create a sink faucet using paths in command extrude.

4. And more. Many more commands.

Just click at the button below to go to the video tutorial in YouTube. Enjoy please.

This is a good AutoCAD 3D Modeling Tutorial to learn from. You will increase your skills a lot after watching it, especially in the field of AutoCAD shortcuts and aliases. You will also learn new commands and some other dirty tricks in the CAD Matrix.

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