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Learn Blender for Architecture (Tutorials and Resources)

Learn Blender for Architecture, Civil Engineering and Interior Design in x3dRoad. Did you know you can use this beautiful open-source software to make architectural visualizations, animations and perspectives at the same level of 3ds Max?

Tree Cutouts and Skies for Renders

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My name is Israel, architect by profession, I’m from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, and I’m passionate about Architectural Visualization (also called ArchViz). And although my major experience is in this branch, I’ve also supervised and managed construction works of almost every type, but my biggest passion is in the digital area.

Welcome to x3dRoad, my personal website. Make the most out of all the tutorials and resources you can find on this place, and don’t hesitate to make your comments about this blog in the contact page.


1. Blender 3D Beginner Tutorials. If you don’t know where and how to start learning the software, start here, this section is for absolute beginners.

2. Blender 3D Materials and Texturing Tutorials. After learning the basics, the next thing is to learn how to apply materials to 3d objects in the scene, this is essential in Blender for Architecture if you don’t want to create boring works.

3. Blender 3D Lighting Tutorials. Learning to illuminate 3d scenes is something beginners always have to master at all in Blender; if not, ask to the professionals.

4. Architecture Photoshop Tutorials. This part is focused to post-production in Architectural Renders, using mainly Adobe Photoshop tricks.


Free Resources for Architects, ArchViz Creators, 3D Artists and Graphic Designers. All of these resources were selected because of their high quality and resolution. These are the latest resources added:

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