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How to add trees in Blender 3D (using 2D Planes)

This is the easiest method I know on how to add trees in Blender 3D, and you don’t need the opacity map of the image, you only need the image in png format, because this kind of images always include transparency.

To follow this tutorial you will need a tree image in png format.

Step 1. The first thing we need to do is to turn on one complement inside Blender that is turned off by default. This complement will ease our life a lot.

In the Blender user interface, click in “File” and open “User Preferences…”. Click in the tab “Add-ons”. In the left side of this tab, make a search for the word “image” (look at the image below).

How to add trees in Blender

When you see this add-on called “Import-Export: Import Images as Planes” click inside the little square to activate it. And then, click in “Save User Settings” button.

Close “User Preferences” now.

We need a clean scene here, no nuisances, so please, delete the initial cube if you still have it in the scene. Right click on it and press Delete key, and then Enter.

Step 2. There’s a little menu at the bottom of the 3D View. Click in “Add” › “Mesh” › “Images as Planes”. Alternatively, you can place the cursor in the 3D View, Shift+A, and select “Mesh” › “Images as Planes” from the menu.

Find you png image in the explorer from the right side and select it.

In the options from the left side of this window, make sure “Use Alpha” is activated under the field “Diffuse”. After this, click in the button “Import Images as Planes” (as you can see at the image below).

How to add trees in Blender

In this moment you must be watching a little gray plane at the center of the 3D View. Click in the point key in your keyboard’s calculator and the selected plane is now maximized in the screen.

Step 3. Finally, click in the display button in the 3D View and select “Texture” or “Material” to see the tree in the plane (look at the image below).

Now you can move it, scale it or manipulate it as much as you want.

How to add trees in Blender

Easy and funny way to achieve putting vegetation inside the scene, right? May be later I will write a tutorial on how to insert 3D trees.

I hope you liked this tutorial on how to add trees in Blender 3D. Subscribe to x3dRoad for free and keep enjoying my blog. Good bye.

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