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Cutout Trees Free Pack for Architecture and Design

Cutout Trees Free Pack for Architecture and Design that is courtesy of Eisklotz and it may be used in any of your ArchViz and Photoshop works.

The group consists of 20 high quality PNG images containing trees, palm trees and tree lines to use in backgrounds.

Cutout Trees Free Pack - Paquete Gratis de Recortes de Árboles

All the trees are in spring and summer seasons and their green colors are majestic and brilliant.

I really like to use palm trees in my work, and this pack contains at least 3 of them. Palms always look good in beach houses and in large urban avenues.

You can download the package at the button below, in Eisklotz. Format of all the images: PNG. Content: 20 High Resolution Images.

Perhaps I find out there another Cutout Trees Free Pack like this, but for now, enjoy your gift and put it to good use in your perspectives and magical animations. Subscribe to my blog x3dRoad and share this article with all of your friends and relatives. Take care and see you guys later. Happy rendering.

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