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Dodge Charger RT 1969 Free 3D Model Car (V-Ray)

In this article I will tell you where to download a Dodge Charger RT 1969 Free 3D Model Car, for 3ds Max and V-Ray, with very good quality and resolution.

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I like old cars, as long as they are well preserved and in perfect condition, like the Dodge Charger in the photograph below that you are about to download to your computer.

Dodge Charger RT 1969 Free 3D Model Car (V-Ray) - Modelo 3D Gratis

The interiors of the car are pretty well done and detailed, as if they were made with a lot of love, and the car in general is beautiful.

The Dodge brand is not my preference, but its models are very authentic and beautiful, especially if you find them in 3d models.

The button below will take you to the download page. This model is courtesy of artist Narek Gabazyan. Format: 3ds Max 2014 for V-Ray 3.

I hope to post more good quality stuff like this Dodge Charger RT 1969 Free 3D Model Car in the coming weeks. Subscribe to x3dRoad for free to find out about updates. Remember to share this post. Goodbye and take care.

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