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Egypt Pyramids Fantasy Background in 7K Hi-Res

This is a good Egypt Pyramids Fantasy Background in 7K, for all those who are dedicated to Animation or Fantastic Design.

A beautiful green aurora borealis illuminates the warm desert night, and below it, the imposing Pyramids of Giza. A strange reflection of the pyramids slides on the floor of the scene, perhaps it’s only rainwater or perhaps it’s a magic floor.

The two giant moons at the top of the photo remind me of the evil Star Wars Death Star.

Free to use commercially. No attribution required but appreciated.

Egypt Pyramids Fantasy Background - Fondo Fantástico de las Pirámides de Egipto

Click on the photo above to download it in full resolution. Dimensions: 7087 x 4724 pixels (7K) at 300 dots per inch.

This type of illustration is not commonly seen in our architectural career, but it will work right for some special job or Science Fiction work.

An Egypt Pyramids Fantasy Background like this one will look great in any kind of Fantastic work. See you guys later, subscribe to the blog and take care of yourself. Good bye.

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