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Free 3D Exterior Scene for 3ds Max and V-Ray

This Free 3D Exterior Scene is for 3ds Max and V-Ray. Keep reading and I will tell you where you can download this work of art of Modern Architecture for free.

It’s a beautiful house with a beautiful architectural design, enhanced more than anything by its soft gray color that contrasts beautifully with the green areas that surround it.

I particularly like the sky and the green grass in this scene; besides, the white flowers are giving to this image a touch of magic.

Free 3D Exterior Scene for 3ds Max and V-Ray - Escena 3D Exterior Gratis para 3ds Max

The front gardens are magnificent, and the trees in the background add more dynamism and character to the scene.

Certainly this is one of the best 3D scenes I’ve ever seen, and one of the most beautiful I’ve ever used in my 3D Architecture work.

Download the scene at the green button below, courtesy of Veysel Delen’s personal blog. Format: 3ds Max 2014 for V-Ray and OBJ.

Thanks to Veysel Delen, the artist who created this Free 3D Exterior Scene, because its quality and beauty are unmatched. And now, subscribe for free to my blog x3dRoad, you know it’s always free, and share this page with all of your friends, they will thank you anyways. Good bye and have a happy render.

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