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Free 3D Models for Architecture (Top 10 Websites)

These are the Top Ten Websites to download Free 3D Models for Architecture, plus five additional sites (as a bonus) with the same resources.

Not only architects and engineers will benefit from the models on this page, but also all kinds of video game designers and creators who need objects in 3 dimensions.

Sometimes the download sites will require to register for free with them, and some other times they will ask you to share the gift on Twitter or Facebook before downloading. All of this, of course, won’t take you 5 minutes, so I think it’s worth doing it.

Licenses vary from site to site, check them before downloading, to get things clear and avoid surprises with permits.

Well I think it’s time to rub your hands, prepare a coffee and start with the list:

1. CGAxis. The Free Collection of CGAxis is truly generous. Here you can find excellent 3d models such as beautiful trees, interior scenes for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D, home and office furniture, and even kitchen and bathroom utensils.

Free 3D Models for Architecture - Modelos 3D Gratis para Arquitectura

Due to the high quality of these elements I still can’t believe this collection is free, that’s the reason I gave it the first place overall. Enjoy it.

2. 3D Export. Literally, this site has thousands of free 3d models available, in acceptable quality, and you can easily download them on the visitor’s free page. Take a look here: Free 3D Models. And don’t worry, be happy.

3. CubeBrush. Here you can find a secret section called Freebies of the Week in where you can download some valuable resources that change every week such as 3d models, textures, materials and stock images, so I recommend you to visit this page very often. Go to CubeBrush Freebies (actually worth).

Free 3D Models for Architecture - Modelos 3D Gratis para Arquitectura

4. Render People. In this place you find People in 3 Dimensions for Architecture and Animation in all formats. Excellently detailed, in high quality, and ready to be integrated into your project, but they also have a few giveaways for visitors on this page: Free 3D People.

5. SketchFab. Another good collection of free 3d models that, apparently, changes every week. The models they give away are good and pretty creative. The free page is this: Free Models.

Free 3D Models for Architecture - Modelos 3D Gratis para Arquitectura

6. TurboSquid. Being one of the largest suppliers of digital items for 3d artists, TurboSquid offers a Free Products Page including Free 3D Models for Architecture for all the visitors and subscribers. There are really good products around here.

7. CGTrader. This site has been in the market for many years, and is one of the most prestigious, its excellent products make them unique. And yes, they also have a section with Free 3D Products here.

3D Plants - Plantas 3D

8. Free 3D. Another good place for those of us who love free 3d models in good quality. In this site you will find almost everything. The Free Section is excellent and pretty generous.

9. Unity Store. Just go to the Unity page of free items and you will find the most popular products that people are currently downloading in the store: Unity Free Items. Only for Unity users, although users of other programs could also find interesting things and benefit greatly.

3D Trees - Árboles en 3D

10. Unreal Engine. This powerful video game engine also owns a page with Free Downloads for visitors, with truly amazing things priced at zero dollars. It’s really worth checking out this place. In addition, the Paragon Free Library, will scare your soul, I’m sure.

Bonus: Additional sites to download Free 3D Models for Architecture

11. 3D Model Haven. This site has a small collection of models still, but the quality is good, as apparently they are just starting to upload the models on their servers; however, I predict an excellent future for them in the market. 3D Model Haven. Visit this page often to get good surprises.

12. Chocofur. I really love Chocofur Free Items. You will find a lot of free stuff around here (around 330 objects), such as 3d models, textures, materials and even 3d cars mostly for Blender, but textures can be used by all kind of artists. Go to Chocofur and start downloading.

13. 3D People. This is another page with 3D Humans for ArchViz coming from 3D People, in 3ds Max, Cinema 4D and OBJ formats. They give away few models, but really good ones, ready to be used in your work: Visit 3D People. Take advantage of all of them.

14. Clara.io. The new Clara 3D Model Library is free, varied and really large. You can find designs in all types and in acceptable quality, in almost all the formats that are required in today’s graphic work. Go to Clara Library now.

15. CadNav. This place is like a Bible for Architects, with lots of Free 3D Models for Architecture. It is as if you had won the jackpot because apparently the whole site is free. They have dozens of different categories and, in addition, you can also download V-Ray Materials and Textures. Visit the Architecture Models Here if you are interested.

As a final note, before ending the list, visit x3dRoad 3D Models Page, to find the latest models added to the Matrix: x3dRoad Free ArchViz Models. Every time I find something useful or interesting, I always post it here without delays.

This is the end of the list, no more sites to add (at the moment). I will keep looking for more websites with good content and relevant things, just for the benefit of our great profession.

This list, of course, will continue updating as soon as I discover more good things out there, so I recommend you to come often to check, or even better, subscribe to the blog and don’t miss a thing.

I’m sure that the Free 3D Models for Architecture in this article will make your ArchViz Library grow, and will help you improve your career as well. Just imagine the quality of the work you will do from now on thanks to these resources (and thanks to the full site x3dRoad in a whole). Keep enjoying my blog and don’t forget to subscribe for free to our 3D Artist Community. See you guys later.

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