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Free 3D Tree Pack Realistic Set (in FBX format)

A good Free 3D Tree Pack in FBX format that I’m sure you will love. The trees have pretty good quality and design to be fully free. Just take a look.

Tree Cutouts and Skies for Renders

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They are 3 trees in different seasons, from summer to autumn. Their leaves are voluptuous and green and its height is very respectable, since they all exceed 10 meters high, so think carefully about where to place them in your project.

Free 3D Tree Pack - Paquete Gratis de Árboles 3D

I would put them in the back of a house or building, so they don’t compete with the project directly. You know where you place them anyways.

Download the files at the link below, in 3D Export. This site will ask you to register for free with them before downloading. Format: FBX. Textures and Materials: Yes.

This is the first Free 3D Tree Pack I publish on this blog, but there will be more. Subscribe to x3dRoad for free to find out about updates. Goodbye, and share this post with all of your friends.

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