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Free Blender Grass Lawn Model (Particle System)

This time I’ll tell you where to download a good Free Blender Grass Lawn Model for particle systems in this software, so you don’t waste time doing it.

Tree Cutouts and Skies for Renders

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Once rendered, the grass looks pretty real in the scene, as the author took enough care to give it a good material for Cycles and Eevee, just look at the render of the Dodge Ram 1500 Limited in the photo below that is resting on the grass , with a quantity of 250,000 units.

Free Blender Grass Lawn Model - Césped Cortado para Blender Gratis

I decided not to put a lot of units in the particle system to save RAM on my laptop, but you can fill the garden with grass if you want.

But, first of all, do some tests with your machine and gradually increase the amount of grass.

Download the scene at the button below, in the site Mind the Blend. The way to use the file is on this page, so you don’t get lost on the way.

Definitely, this Free Blender Grass Lawn Model will be very useful to me, and I hope that it will also be of much use to you in your renderings. Subscribe for free to my blog x3dRoad and share this page with your friends.

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