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Free Blender Materials for the Worldwide Community

Once again, another package of Free Blender Materials for the entire Worldwide Community of Architects and Designers dedicated to rendering.

All the materials in the package are perfect and pretty varied. There are about 35 materials and I think they will serve you for many good things.

Whether you dedicate yourself to ArchViz, Graphic Design or Video Game Creation, all the materials will be useful to you, I’m sure, just check the image below and have an idea of what you are going to download.

Free Blender Materials - Materiales Gratis de Blender

In this pack you can find materials as rare as alien skins or science fiction materials (like in the movies), so I suggest you to be open-minded.

This gift is courtesy of a great graphic artist named Curtis Holt, and consists of two Blender files in where you can find all the materials.

Download the materials at the button below, on Gumroad. They are in Blender format, in two separate files. Just enjoy them my friend.

If you really liked these Free Blender Materials don’t forget to share this page with your friends. See you guys later, keep enjoying my blog.

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