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Free Blue Skies for Architecture (Clean and Beautiful)

This is a pack of Free Blue Skies for Architecture that don’t contain any clouds or mountains. They are completely clean and transparent.

In total, there are six skies that have beautiful colors, from intense blue to magical blue, and all of them in important size and resolution.

Sometimes clouds are not needed in architectural projects and a flat colorful background looks much better than fat and voluminous clouds.

Free Blue Skies for Architecture - Cielos Azules para Arquitectura Gratis

You just have to download the package and cut them to the desired size using Adobe Photoshop or any other program of your choice.

I particularly like the blue sky number 5, counting from the top of the photo. I think it will look great in my next building project in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

Download the skies at the button below, courtesy of x3dRoad. JPG is the format of all of the skies, and the resolution is pretty high. Enjoy.

I hope you find these Free Blue Skies for Architecture very useful and that you use them to illuminate your work. See you guys later and take care.

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