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Free Cut out People for Architecture (Volume 1)

A new installment of Free Cut out People for Architecture that I’m sure you will love, especially if you are dedicated to ArchViz renders and projects.

The package includes 9 white people, 7 women and two men dressed casually and two of them dressed for the office, ready to work.

The images are in medium but acceptable resolution. Its quality is good enough to be included in any architectural project anywhere.

Free Cut out People for Architecture - Recortes de Gente para Arquitectura Gratis

I can’t conceive any of my office projects without using good human reference scales like the ones in the photo above, aren’t they great?

Especially when human scales are needed in normal and realistic positions, so that the project has a better credibility.

Download the package at the button below, in Viz-People. The opacity map is included in each of the images in PNG and JPG formats. Enjoy.

I hope you liked the Free Cut out People for Architecture on this page, because they fascinated me. Don’t forget to share this page with your friends.

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