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Free Cutout People Image Pack (Crowds in the Field)

Free Cutout People Image Pack, in the green field, individually or in crowds, walking or resting. This is one of the best foreground packages I have ever seen.

They are in total 16 excellently taken images in TIFF format, by Duy Phan, with transparent background so you can adapt them perfectly to your perspectives. All of them will look magnificent in your work.

The first photo is a woman sitting on the grass holding a bicycle and looking at the horizon, in the second one several men appear playing baseball.

Free Cutout People - Imágenes Gratis de Gente en PNG

The fourth photo is the image you see at the center of the image above, in where the people are seen resting in that beautiful green grass.

The tenth photo also includes many people walking in the field. In photo number 11 you will see a painter painting what surrounds him, and in all the other photographs you will only see some people walking, large and leafy trees and many green fields.

Use the code TOGETHER to download the pack fully free, with 100% discount, using the link below (otherwise the pack will cost 3 bucks). Enjoy. If you want to follow Duy Phan just visit his page at Behance, it’s really good.

This Free Cutout People Image Pack has a very large resolution, in excellent quality, so you can modify it freely using Adobe Photoshop. This is all for today mates, subscribe to my blog x3dRoad if you want to follow us.

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