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Free Cutout Trees Package (16 Free Elements)

A new gift in x3dRoad: a Free Cutout Trees Package, with 16 free elements, which I’m going to tell you where to download, so you can use them in CAD and Max works.

They are young and green trees (most of them), because some of them seem to be in the fall / winter season, but they are all in medium size.

Free Cutout Trees Package - Recortes Gratis de Árboles

Yes, neither too tall nor too short, that is, exactly perfect to be used in architectural visualizations and animations.

I think all of them are pretty. The clippings are very well done, and the variety of species is adequate and pretty distinguished.

Download the tree pack at the button below, it’s courtesy of AA Textures and the format of all the images is in PNG, so the quality is perfect.

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