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Free Decorative Armchairs in 3D for Blender

Now, I invite you to download a pack of Free Decorative Armchairs in 3D for Blender, in such an impressive quality and beauty that it’s hard to believe they are free, but they are, I assure you.

All the chairs and armchairs that you are going to see could well be decorating a house in Beverly Hills or in Bel-Air.

They are courtesy of a 3D Artist named Laci Lacko. I would like to have them all in real life, to be able to distinguish myself from others.

Free Decorative Armchairs in 3D for Blender - Sillas Decorativas en 3D Gratis para Blender

The first one is a beautiful light brown leather office chair with a high back and fine aluminum armrests.

A good bank executive would be honored to have it at her desk. Besides, his five wheels would take him wherever he wanted, don’t you think?

Download the chair at the button below. It seems that the format of the model is in OBJ, fully compatible with other 3D programs. Enjoy.

Free Decorative Armchairs in 3D for Blender - Sillas Decorativas en 3D Gratis para Blender

The second chair looks so comfortable and relaxing that it even makes me want to sleep there watching TV in the afternoons in my ranch.

Although the truth is, I think this chair was designed to decorate a good patio, next to the swimming pool, just to give you an example.

Use the button below to download the chair. The good thing about this model is that the author exported it in FBX format, a good compatible one.

This is definitely the most elegant armchair of all, not only because of its beautiful white color, but because of its modernist design in general.

Apparently, this model is also in green color. But whatever the color is, if I had a chair like this in my living room, I’d be proud of it.

With the button below you can download the model, also in OBJ format and also in the Behance website. Just enjoy this one please.

Free Decorative Armchairs in 3D for Blender - Sillas Decorativas en 3D Gratis para Blender

The main material of this chair should be bamboo, like the handcrafted chairs from countries like the Philippines and Indonesia.

This chair would look great in the living room, or even in the patio of any residence, it’s only a matter of imagination.

Download below and enjoy the model. Format of the model: OBJ, and don’t forget to place this beautiful chair in all your living rooms and exterior patios.

The last free 3d model in this article is a handmade wooden chair with an avant-garde-modernist design, even though its materials say otherwise.

The chair is beautiful and would look great multiplied by six in a dining room for the same number of people.

The dining room, of course, would also have to be made of wood or another similar material, just to make a good combination among models.

I hope you have enjoyed these Free Decorative Armchairs in 3D for Blender. They are the best I could find for my subscribers. Subscribe for free to my x3dRoad blog and don’t forget to share this good article with all your friends, I’m sure they will always thank you. See you guys later, have a nice render.

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