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Free Green Grass Textures in 8K (Mown, PBR Seamless)

I want you to see in this article a good group of Free Green Grass Textures in 8K quality. I’m talking about PBR textures of course, which will cost you nothing.

These are four textures of well-cut and irrigated grass, courtesy of Ambient CG, that will help you a lot to illuminate the garden or the entrance of a house or the surroundings of a swimming pool.

Free Green Grass Textures in 8K - Texturas de Césped Verde en 8K Gratis

In my opinion, the four types of grass in the photo above are beautiful and almost perfect, although there are some a little darkened for my taste.

The ones I like the most are the 004 and 001 textures. The other two are also great.

Download the textures at the button below in Ambient CG, in JPG and PNG formats, with resolutions ranging from 1K to 8K. Enjoy.

I’m planning to use these Free Green Grass Textures in a house project that I’m designing right now in my Architecture office here in Monterrey. I will upload the renders soon. And in the meantime, subscribe to x3dRoad and share this article. Bye.

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