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Free HDRI at Night in Saint Peter Square (Artificial Lights)

This is a Free HDRI at Night in Saint Peter Square, lit up with beautiful artificial lights coming from the poles, and with a nice cobblestone floor.

The lighting in this hdri is wonderful and perfect. There is practically no unlit spot in the photo, and the textures of the materials come through very well.

The beautiful white buildings that surround the square were undoubtedly built during Michelangelo’s Renaissance, I say this because of their beautiful style.

Free HDRI at Night in St. Peter's Square - HDRI Gratis de Noche en la Plaza de San Pedro

The sky, although with few clouds, contrasts incredibly with the surrounding buildings and with the light-colored square itself.

Most of the light in this hdri is being brought in by the large pole in the center of the photograph whose powerful flashlights cast their power fearlessly.

With the button below you can go to the download site at Poly Haven. The formats are in the classic HDR and also in EXR, from 1K to 20K.

Many thanks to the creators of this Free HDRI at Night in Saint Peter Square, because their gift was wonderful. Don’t forget to share this page with your friends.

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