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Free HDRI for Interior Lighting in Saloon Club (16K)

Without a doubt, this Free HDRI for Interior Lighting in Saloon Club will help you greatly to give the magic touch to all your interior renderings.

The hdri was taken in the interior of a Saloon Club or a Country Club which has a classic design, in the style of Louis XIV, although the seats and cabinets are not so classic.

The wooden floor gives a touch of sobriety to this space, and the light coming from the windows is barely perceptible but beautiful.

Free HDRI for Interior Lighting in Saloon Club - HDRI Gratis para Iluminación Interior en Salón Club

I took the liberty of lighting and rendering the furniture above using this hdri and taking it as the background for the render. The end result surprises me.

I guess the interior designer of this club has good taste because he decorated the interior with modernist and classic paintings at the same time, good contrast though.

Use the button below to download the hdri, courtesy of PolyHaven, in HDR and EXR formats and resolutions from 1K to 16K, with CC0 License.

I’m not sure if I will use this Free HDRI for Interior Lighting in my interior decoration projects or in my exterior lighting projects, because it works for both. See you later, subscribe to my blog and share this article.

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