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Free HDRI with Trees and Grass (1K to 16K Hi-Res)

A good Free HDRI with Trees and Grass for all the designers and modern architects from around the happy and funky x3dRoad world.

Tree Cutouts and Skies for Renders

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The grass is a little high and overgrown in this hdri, and a little dry too. The trees in the center and on the right are not very tall but are very leafy and shiny.

A small metal bridge can be seen on the left and on the right. The sky surprises me with its purity, color and clarity, and the Sun looks very diffuse but bright.

Free HDRI with Trees and Grass - HDRI Gratis con Árboles y Césped

Click on the JPG image above to see all the details of the hdri. This image can even be used for a render background on your machine.


To download the file just use the button below, it will take you to HDRI Haven. Backplates included. 1K to 16K. CC0 License.

My renders have improved a lot with this Free HDRI with Trees and Grass in my favorite software Autodesk 3ds Max. If you use another program you will have the same results, I’m sure. Take care and subscribe to my blog.

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