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Free Living Room Scene for 3ds Max and Corona

This Free Living Room Scene for 3ds Max comes prepared to be rendered with the famous Corona renderer, something rarely seen in x3dRoad.

It’s actually a small room with a pretty elegant and very modern armchair in the foreground of the scene.

Its light brown color is not very aggressive to the eye and the dark blanket on the right gives more realism and character to the scene.

Free Living Room Scene for 3ds Max and Corona - Escena 3D Gratis de Sala de Estar

I don’t know if the flowers in the white sculpture-painting are lotus flowers or some special kind of tulips, but they add a lot of modernism to the space.

The rest of the scene is complemented by a small coffee table with an elegant white vase and what appears to be a floor lamp connected to the switch.

Download the scene at the button below, courtesy of a Moscow art director named Jonny Krill. The scene format is for 3ds Max and Corona.

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