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Free Material Pack for Blender 3D # 102

A new Free Material Pack for Blender 3D that will help you improve your ArchViz works, giving to your buildings more character and beauty.

Tree Cutouts and Skies for Renders

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This time, new and better materials were added by the author. There are 9 high quality materials in total, in 2K and PBR, again in a Blender 2.8 file.

Free Material Pack for Blender 3D - Materiales Gratis para Blender 3D

The materials in the package are bricks, cardboard, coffee beans, dirty concrete, gravel, old cobblestones, stones, and textile materials.

All these materials will be very useful when designing buildings or houses in towns or small cities anywhere in the world.

Download the package at the button below, again courtesy of Julio Sillet. If you wish, you can help the author of this pack of materials with something.

The Free Material Pack for Blender 3D that you are about to download is in great quality and beauty, so please make the most of them. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog x3dRoad for free and share this article with all of your friends, they will thank you anyways. See you guys later and, have a happy render.

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