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Free Pale Yellow Bricks Texture for Construction

This great Free Pale Yellow Bricks Texture is awesome and very beautiful, and is ready to be integrated into any design work.

I’m really fascinated by the colors of the bricks in this texture, which range from ocher yellow to pale yellow; in addition, the stains and defects in the same material make it much more interesting and attractive.

Free Pale Yellow Bricks Texture - Textura de Ladrillos Color Amarillo Pálido

The bricks in this texture wall seem to be a little bit old and careless by the owners, but that only adds more realism to the texture, right?

I’m pretty sure that this texture will look great on some apparent construction wall or fence that doesn’t require too much detail.

This texture and all of its maps can be downloaded for free at the button below, in Texture Haven. No registration needed. Enjoy the texture.

My new favorite will be this Free Pale Yellow Bricks Texture, its quality is impressive and its realism is magical. And now, I invite you to subscribe to my blog x3dRoad, it’s free and funny, and don’t forget to share this article with all of your friends. See you guys later, keep enjoying my blog. Good bye.

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